Cello Teachers in Princeton

 Lynne Beiler (will travel to your home. also teaches in Cherry Hill from age 5 to adult) phone: 856-354-9674 lbcello@aol.com

Melissa Burton Anderson  (also teaches in Belle Mead) phone: 585-244-9130 celloanderson@comcast.net

Laurie Cascante  (will travel to your home. teaches 3yrs old to adult) phone: 609-610-8223  cellolaura@msn.com

Mikyung Lee 
(teaches all ages) mi6715@yahoo.com (732) 355-9471

Betsy Loughran (teaches ages 6 to adult) 267-254-0609 betsyloughran@gmail.com

Ted McClure
(teaches age 8 to adult) tedsmcclure@gmail.com