Central Jersey Cello Society/ Links

Here are links to local classical music organizations:

http://www.wwfm.org/index.html This is our local  radio station which broadcasts excellent classical music programs 

http://www.sinfoniettanova.org/home This is a high quality community orchestra based in West Windsor that provides 4 classical music concerts each season.

http://princetonsymphony.org/ This is our local professional orchestra 

http://www.njsymphony.org/ This is our largest professional orchestra who perform in many venues in our area and throughout the state.

Here are links to some wonderful cello websites:

http://cellobello.com/   You can be part of a "cello chat" which is a free cello lesson on Skype led by fine

cello teachers.  

http://www.cellosatbelleserre.com/   Want to go on a cello course in the South of France? Lowri Blake is a great teacher!

http://www.cellospeak.org/ Want to go on a summer cello course? This is a great one for adults of every ability level.